Red Leather Belts

There are a lot of accessories that people use to make their ensemble more fashionable and stylish, and one of the most common items used is the belt. Belts today come in different styles and designs but all of these are made to properly hold one’s pants in place. Fortunately, the basics of using leather belts for men are not difficult to learn and understand; just a little bit of common sense and the rest is personal taste – leave it to your belts to display and express your style and preferences.

If one were to describe a belt, is it basically a long strip of leather, or perhaps other possible materials that can be worn around the waist to support clothes or also carry a variety of weapons. Aside from its main job of holding up one’s trousers, these leather belts for men can also be utilized to make a fashion statement, add a personal touch and hint of elegance to any formal attire, and it also creates a distinction between the bottom half and upper portion of your ensemble. Furthermore, belts also divide your body into two halves so if you wish to look taller when wearing a specific outfit, make sure that your belt matches with your top or pants to make the division less pronounced and obvious.

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How the Red Leather Belts are made

For you to be able to make the very most out of this excellent and stylish classic accessory, you should choose a belt that reflects your style, taste, personality, as well as your preferences; but if you simply want to have a belt that is classic, stylish, and goes well with every possible ensemble that you have, the best pick for you are mens red leather belts.

Learn How the Red Leather Belts are Made

Before purchasing any item, it would be a smart idea to do a little research and learn how these things are made; this is for you to at least have an idea how the item should look, as well as how the materials have been put together to create a high-quality piece of accessory. When we talk about mens red leather belts, these are usually made from leather that is vegetable tanned. To get the perfect color for these red leather belts, this type of material will undergo the process of tanning by utilizing tannins as well as other ingredients coming from various vegetable matter; these include elements such as wood, roots, leaves, fruit, and tree bark that have been prepared right in bark mills. Tannins usually have a shade of yellow-white to brown, but the color deepens when it is exposed to light. Since these are able to turn protein into insoluble products resistant to decaying, tannins are being used as tanning agents specifically for leather.

Catechols is a specific type of tannin that is more astringent and has the ability to tan faster compared to the pyrogallols. These elements also deposit a sediment that is reddish (reds or phlobaphens) and are commonly used to give leather a pinkish, dark brown, or reddish hue that is definitely more solid than other elements that can be used. Furthermore, greenish-black spots can also be created upon contact with iron and the following elements contain catechols: hemlock, alder, quebracho, and fir bark.

Guide to Wearing Red Leather Belts

Before actually start thinking of purchasing mens red leather belts, you should first know how to wear this type of accessory to actually pull off an excellent and stylish appearance. Listed below are some of the basic yet very helpful tips when it comes to wearing leather belts for men.

• First Check the Belt Buckles

Remember that the bigger the buckle of your belt, the less formal its appearance is; dress belts’ buckles are usually very small and flat; also, these tend to be narrower accessories compared to the others. The larger buckles that feature rounded shapes are much more common and appropriate for a casual ensemble but when we speak of the dress belts, these are either gold or silver finished. If you are someone who wears cufflinks or the like, the buckle of your belt should also have the same color; silver for silver and gold for gold accents.

• Measure the Length of your Mens Red Leather Belt

These types of dress belts must have a couple of inches of leather present on the left of the buckle once you have fastened this properly. For a more casual look with the red leather belts, you can be a little more flexible with the allowance of the leather once fastened; however, just make sure that you do not leave an excessively long tail end since this will look awkward.

If you are going for a store-bought belt, keep in mind that these usually have a length that measures with a few pant sizes; choose your red leather belts at least two or three sizes bigger than your trousers to get a perfect fit. An example would be for a 34” pants waist, go for a belt that has a label of 36 to 38-inches will be the best fit.

• Match the Belt with Shoes

Always remember to color-coordinate your belt and shoes, and also keep in mind that leather must always match leather, whether it is for a casual outfit or formal one. For anyone wearing red leather belts, red leather shoes are the most appropriate. If the belt is a glossy one, the pair of shoes should also be glossy and highly-polished.

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