Leather Passport Wallet

A passport wallet is an item that is similar to a book cover to store and protect your passport. This is used by sliding both ends of your passport into the pockets of the passport wallet which is similar to a book jacket; it also gives a fancy look to your passport while keeping it protected from damage. A lot of people prefer using a leather passport wallet or a leather travel wallet since this is the lightest and thinnest type of passport holder; however, you can also choose from passport wallets made of fabric, plastic, and more.

Advantages of Using a Leather Passport Wallet

Your passport is the most essential item to bring when traveling, and it is one of the items that you will need to visit different wonderful countries, this is the reason why you should always safeguard and keep your passport safe. A passport holder may seem like a luxury or an unnecessary item, and having a stylish passport wallet could be the last thing that would concern you; however, having a leather passport holder will ensure that your passport is protected from damage and it is also a smaller expense compared to your plane ticket.

Here are a few important reasons why you should make use of a leather passport wallet:

• For Added Protection

If you visit a place with an unpleasant weather, rain will most likely be incalculable; this is why it is vital for you to keep your passport protected from getting wet and damaged, considering that it is one of the most important items during travel. Aside from this, there is also a possibility of mud and grime soiling your passport, so to keep this safe and clean, it is best to use a leather passport wallet.

• Convenience

If your passport is kept inside a leather passport holder, finding it in your bag will take less time since you will easily see this by its design and style, giving you more convenience when you travel. This also applies when you misplace your passport at home; if you use a leather passport wallet, you can easily find this too since it has a unique flair and appearance compared to the conventional passport wallets around.

Having a leather passport wallet while traveling with a group is also generally convenient especially when you are the one in charge of carrying everyone’s passport; there will be instances when you will be required to show your passport at hotels or even border checkpoints; this is the reason why using a leather passport wallet is suggested since you will be able to easily spot who owns which passport since the designs different in some way.

• Security

In poor countries, passports are worth a fortune in the black market so it is important to keep your passport safe and secure at all times. When your passport is encased in a leather passport holder, these will not be easily seen by thieves, thus reducing the chances of it getting stolen. Oftentimes, pickpockets are fast, but if they see that your passport is covered with a wallet, they may assume that it is some other item which is not really valuable or of use to them.

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How to Choose a Leather Passport Wallet

Just like choosing any type of wallet, there are also several factors that you should consider before purchasing a leather passport wallet. Below are some of these:

• Convenience and Protection

When it comes to the material, a waterproof case offers greater security which is why a leather travel wallet is recommended for keeping one’s passport protected. With a leather passport wallet, you will have no worries if you accidentally drop this, or if it falls on a wet surface. It is also recommended that you purchase one that has a cord that can be wrapped around your belt so you can immediately notice if there are pickpockets attempting to steal your passport.

The fastening of a wallet is also another thing to consider when it comes to the security; the openings of a wallet may be secured by buttons, Velcro, or zippers. These also have issues when it comes to quality so make sure that the buttons are secure, the Velcro is strong, and the zippers are easy to open and close.

• Size

Your leather passport holder should be big enough to keep other valuable items aside from your passport and these items may include credit cards, plane tickets, traveler’s checks and cash. Some passport wallets can also carry various travel documents and mobile phones while others have room for a pen, so take note of the items you will be keeping in your passport wallet before purchasing one.

A passport wallet is not a highly essential travel accessory, however, using one has a lot of benefits as well. Aside from making you look more stylish as you travel, this will also keep your passport from damage and from being stolen.

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