Leather Belts for Men

Aside from its primary use of holding and supporting your pants and keeping it in place, mens leather belts are often noticed for its unique style and design that helps complete any type of ensemble. These are essential accessories for a casual or formal look since it adds more personality and uniqueness to the whole ensemble while also exhibiting the preferences of the wearer. Leather belts for men also come in a variety of sizes, colors, texture, and designs which make these some of the best accessories to use when showing off your style.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Leather Belts for Men

Before you actually start searching for your genuine leather belt to purchase, here are a couple of things that you need to consider first before actually buying one for yourself.

• Proper Length and Width

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing leather belts for men is the size; these should not be too big or too small since the size does not only affect one’s comfort, but it can also affect one’s appearance. When choosing a belt, make sure that you pick the proper belt size that is appropriate for your ensemble.

For dress belts, its length should be a few inches of leather to the buckle’s left when fastened. If needed, you can go for the shorter belt instead of one that is too long which you will have to wrap around your hip twice. This also applies to the more common casual belts since overly long ones will just give off a rather awkward and unusual appearance. If you plan to purchase dress belts in stores, these are often measured using different sizes of pants. When you choose a genuine leather belt, pick the one that is two or three sizes larger than the size of your pants to get a good fit. The easiest way to check the size of mens leather belts is by wrapping it around your waist over your pants; however, keep in mind that if you get a good fit sizing a belt this way, it will be a little bit tighter when you wear the belt properly.

For the width of the dress belt, the measurement should lie between 1 ¼ inches and 1 3/8 inches, and its thickness should be around 1/8 inch; leather belts for men that are wider are considered as casual belts and are not appropriate for formal attires.

• Belt Buckle

When a belt buckle is bigger, the belt becomes less formal. The buckles of dress belts are generally small and flat, while casual belts commonly have larger, rounded buckles. Most buckles of dress belts also have either a silver-colored or gold-colored finish. If you wear men’s jewelry such as cufflinks and tie tacs, your belt buckle’s color should be in the same palette. Gold accents should be matched with a gold belt buckle and the same goes with silver. However, if you have a wedding ring, this is an exception; if your ring is gold, it is not necessary to restrict yourself to a gold belt buckle for the rest of your life since this is understood as something that is not related to your personal style.

• Matching Belt and Shoes

When purchasing leather belts for men matching the belt’s color and material to the shoes is a rule of thumb and this applies in both formal and casual wear. If you have brown leather shoes, you will have to choose a brown genuine leather belt as well. Aside from these, you should also consider if your shoes are glossy or matte. Unless you will be wearing casual shoes that are not made from leather, you will have more freedom to match items since these are more flexible than dressy accessories.

• Styling Guides

Mens leather belts are great accessories that create a visual effect that can help you look either taller or shorter. If you dress to look taller, you can match the color of your belt with the color of your trousers or your shirt to make the line less pronounced. On the other hand, if you are a tall man who wishes to break his vertical line, you can use clashing colors or complementary colors; you can also take advantage of the effect of bright belts with detailed styles.

When purchasing leather belts for men, it is necessary to do research and make a plan. Decide on what areas are most important; consider various factors such as the type of belt you are looking for, the color and size you need, and your budget. Keeping these in mind will help you purchase a belt easier and faster. Furthermore, keep in mind that it is best to purchase a genuine leather belt since leather is a highly durable material that will last long.

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