Brown Leather Belt

A brown leather belt is definitely one of the most fashionable accessories that you can pair with a variety of pieces; and depending on the kind of belt that you plan to use, there are a plethora of ways to actually pull off a fashionable and stylish look. All you have to do is learn a few important things about this beautiful piece to be able to wear it properly, completing that stunning and classy look that you are aiming for.

Brown is synonymous with leather accessories and shoes plus it is also a color that is quite classic, stylish, and smart. Although the color is also considered as a shade of style and sophistication, it still has a rather complicated response in the fashion history. The color brown was always utilized to denote poverty in every social class system, and his has been existing since the Middle Ages. The color was not considered highly and during the 19th and 20th centuries, the shade was genuinely disliked because of all the negativity that came with World War II.

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The History of the Shade

Due to the fact that stigmas from the past will never fade, the color continued to struggle and compete with its more vibrant and bright counterparts; yet eventually, this shade has slowly shifted into something that is well appreciated in contemporary and modern fashion which was eventually considered as part of the classic shade that exudes high-end luxury and style.

Brown was given the opportunity to shine since the designers of today breathe life into the color and use it for a variety of splendid accessories that are sought after today. It may somehow remind a few people of its seventies inspired leather and suede, but brown men’s suits, shoes, bags, and accessories such as the brown leather belt looks quite exquisite and dashing.

Proper Ways to Wear the Brown Leather Belt

The mens brown leather belt can be extremely versatile when an individual wearing this has perfected the proper styling for casual and dressy looks; it is also a shade perfect for all seasons and it goes perfectly well with other shades such as navies as well as other shades of blue. For those who prefer something more subtle, suede tan and woven brown belts are great to add a little more texture when utilizing this beautiful accessory to one’s ensemble; it is also possible to mix some complementary colored and toned pieces of accessories to pull off a well-grounded yet stunning look.

Here are smart ways on how to wear your brown leather belt:

• Match the Belt and Pants

The dressy and stylish mens leather belt would not mix pleasingly with a pair of rough cargo pants and a rough leather belt would look inappropriate with a pair of stylish dress pants. So what basically makes these belts dressy and stylish, and what actually makes these casual?

The belt’s width is what matters on this part since wider belts look more casual compared to narrower belts; these are actually the standard belts and are conveniently easy to find in various shops. For wide casual belts, these can go with casual trousers such as cargo pants and lighter denim pants; for narrow belts, these are perfectly worn with dressier pants like chinos, dark denims, and dress pants.

• Match the Mens Brown Leather Belt with the Shoe Color

It is a must to color coordinate your belt with the shoes you plan to wear; this means that if you wear brown leather shoes, you should match it with the mens brown leather belt that you are wearing. Wearing the proper shade and will definitely pull together your ensemble to give off a classy and excellent look.

• Match the Belt with your Ensemble

If you are wondering when you should actually use the mens brown leather wallet, it really depends on what outfit you will be sporting for the day: if you plan to wear jeans without pairing this with brown or black shoes, it is best that you pair this with a darker brown belt which is the usual pick, in all washes except for black denims. If you are the type who usually wears chino or khaki pants, choosing the best leather belts for men will all depend on the color of your pants. For the typical color of khaki’s, it is best that you stick with the traditional brown leather belt if you want to keep things simple and classy.

• Selecting the Belt’s Length

When looking for the perfect leather belts for men, you should make sure that the accessory is long enough to reach beneath the first loop after the belt’s buckle; however, you should also make sure that the belt is not too long that it does not lay flat against itself. Keep in mind that these belts should be no longer than 3” beyond the loop.

A brown leather belt can divide your body to provide it with a flattering and balanced appearance; so if you are aiming for proper proportions, it is best to choose a belt that contrasts with the shade of your outfit. Alternatively, if you aim for a taller appearance, choose a belt that features the same shade of your ensemble

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