Black Leather Belts

One thing that men are accustomed to is wearing a belt; it is one of the most essential accessories to make their fashion look more stylish and sophisticated, plus it also exhibits their character and personality. A belt is similar to a tie or a pair of shoes since there is also different types that are appropriate for certain occasions, and choosing this well is quite challenging since you will have to consider various things such as the belt color, the buckle, the material, the texture, and more.

If you are searching for a belt that can be used for a formal attire, choose one that is made from fine leather in neutral colors such as black or brown since these are easier to match with most of your suits or dress pants in your closet. The general rule of thumb in formal wear is to keep things minimalistic which is why you should also make sure that you get a belt with the appropriate size and a simple belt buckle. This should also be sleek with a clean texture.

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All About Leather Belts

For dress belts, black is the best color to use since these are the most appealing and versatile color. It complements with a classic black suit as well as other basic tones such as brown. For a clean and classic look, choose a sleek black leather belt with a slightly rounded minimalistic buckle. Keep in mind that simple additions are the best for formal aesthetics, so when you purchase your black leather belt, choose one that is low-key but trendy and fashionable.

Below are some important things that you should learn about leather belts:

• Proper Belt Size

One of the most necessary things that you should know when purchasing leather belts for men is getting the appropriate belt size. Belts should not be too long nor too short for this to fit perfectly on the wearer. Your belt should be a few inches longer than the size of your trousers since the tail will need to be inserted into the remaining loops of your pants to keep things aligned. Use a belt size guide to know which belt size will be the perfect fit for you. Getting a belt that is two inches larger than your trousers is the most common way to choose a belt size that will fit well.

• Buckle

For a formal attire, the buckle of mens black leather belt should be simple yet polished. It should not be larger than the belt and not have excessive designs since these are only appropriate for casual wear. Buckles of dress belts should also be a frame-and-prong type with only one prong. Also, polished silver belt buckles are the best for a black leather belt.

• Quality of Leather

When purchasing the mens black leather belt, it is best to invest in well-crafted ones since these can resist regular wear and tear for a longer period of time. The belts may be more expensive, but these will also make you save more money in the long run. Full-grain leather is the highest quality of pure, natural leather. These are made from the topmost layer of animal hide which is why it is the most durable material. Avoid leather belts for men that are made from synthetic leather since these are only made from polymers to imitate the look and texture of leather but these are less durable and are not good for long-term use.

• Combining Colors

Another rule of thumb in men’s fashion is to match the color and material of the belt with your shoes. However, mixing different colors is a great way to add a slight visual contrast to your attire; just make sure that the shades and tones you choose are from the same color family and are not entirely contrasting. If you are wearing a black leather belt, matching these with dark brown leather shoes will pass if you choose an appropriate shade but it is still not something that you should aim for. It is still best to match your mens black leather belt with black leather shoes. When wearing a black leather belt with a silver buckle, you should also consider the accessories you are wearing; make sure that your accessories such as your wristwatch and cufflinks are also silver.

Proper Care & Storage
Like every item, belts also get dirty at a certain point and this will need cleaning. The proper way to clean leather belts for men is by wiping this with a soft rag with warm water to wipe away the marks. If there are tough stains and this does not work, you may require wiping your belt with a leather cleaner. When the stain is removed, use a leather conditioner to replace the oil that was wiped away from this. Using a soft, clean piece of cloth, wipe on the conditioner and then let this sit for around fifteen to thirty minutes until it is absorbed. When storing your belt, you can hang this using a belt hanger to keep this flat in your closet; also, you can keep this rolled up in a drawer or shoebox.

A black leather belt is a perfect addition to your wardrobe since these are not only useful, but this can also make your overall appearance more stylish and elegant.

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